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Welcome to the HAL | UA collection of LARIS-ISISV Research Team


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Vitamin D Brain-computer interfaces Laser Doppler flowmetry Nonlinear analysis Laser speckle contrast imaging Data analysis Algorithm Imaging and Computer Graphics EEG Multiscale entropy Entropie Rehabilitation Laser speckle Analyse non linéaire Imaging Morphological Operators Adult Réalité virtuelle EEG data Irregularity Arduino Child HSV Quantum information Machine learning Quantum noise Decoherence Quadratic assignment problem Fuzzy entropy Interaction Techniques Neurosurgery Assessment Epilepsy Artificial neural network Empirical mode decomposition Time series Graph matching Classification Sensory profile Image segmentation Brain Time-frequency Information theory Image analysis Biomedical signal processing Microcirculation Sample entropy Older adults Baseline assessment criteria Deep learning Blood flow Complexity Correlation Nonlinear dynamics Environmental monitoring Cerebral palsy Simulation Clustering Improvement by noise Germination Aster Satellite Images Color Texture Skin Entanglement Virtual reality Aging Computer vision Awake surgery Hediste diversicolor Female FMRI Hyperspectral imaging Identification Cerebral blood flow Image processing Magnetic resonance imaging MRI Multicomponent Image Data mining Electroencephalogram Convolutional neural network Electroencephalography Human performance Social cognition Fractal Chromatography Complexité Multivariate data Feature extraction Entropy Prediction Stroke Forest fire prediction Quantum estimation Age RGB Healthcare Humans Segmentation Linear regression


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