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, We gratefully acknowledge the productive collaborations and the fruitful contributions that allowed the generation of this natural products MS/MS database. This research was funded by FONDECYT-CONCYTEC (grant contract number 239-2015-FONDECYT), and by the French ANR grant (ANR-15-CE29-0001). We express our thanks to Séverine Amand (MNHN) for

M. A. B-;-a, C. A. , E. O. , G. C. , H. P. H-;-lc-ms/-ms-data et al., L. collected and supervised the isolation of compounds from ICSN. G.L. performed isolation and structure elucidation of lanciferine and vincamajine. L.E. and E.P. conceived and performed the synthetic experimental works related to the obtention of bipleiophylline, voacalgine A, collected compounds from Université d' Angers. M.F. isolated and collected compounds from Université de Liège. F.R. and M
URL : https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/in2p3-00373578